Currently, a six-tier education system in running in Pakistan which consists of the following levels:. Both the federal and the provincial governments are entitled to run and oversee the literacy programs in the country. The educations running under the central and provincial governments are scattered across the country. Despite the introduction and implementation of around two dozen policies and plans, the education system in Pakistan is facing numerous issues and problems of grave nature.

Some of the major education system in Pakistan issues and problems are listed below:. Pakistan is one of the countries in the world with lowest budgetary allocation for education. Consequently, millions of children are out of school in the country, i. So, the budgetary allocation for education should be increased from 2 to 7 percent. While the budget for education is already insufficient, the corrupt elements in the management structure further aggravate the situation by filling their pockets through illegitimate means.

So, corruption can be regarded as one of the major factors contributing to the failure of educational policies in Pakistan. The unstable political environment also affects the efficiency of education system in Pakistan. Political agitations pose hindrance to the implementation of government policies for improving the standard and quality of learning.

In the recent past, the country has witnessed a wave of inhuman terrorist attacks on the educational institutions. For example, in the years from to , as many as attacks were launched by the enemies of education and of humanity. So, the parents feel reluctant to send their children to school.