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My school has more than thirty rooms for classes.

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Along with this, different labs are also for students of higher grades. My school also has a big library which is very beautifully decorated.

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Hundreds of books are present in the library. The library is the place where a student can read in a peaceful environment. Our school has two canteens. During our break, we enjoy ourselves by buying some stuff from the cafeteria. Along with this, my school canteen also provides the students with stationery. My school also has thirty teachers who are very educated.

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  7. They transfer their knowledge to their students. Their method of teaching is simple but unique. There is a thorough examination system. Students take the test regularly, and their parents are informed about their children performance. My school also offers free education for deserving students.

    Students who passed from my school serve the country. I am proud of my school. Also See: Myself Essay.


    The mainstream regarding the school that is the place where strict rules are applied to impart education. Many schools exhibit such an example. But as the world is growing, there are developing new methodologies for teaching. Now schools are evolving are spreading education in a new way.